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Ashoka is our Flagship Brand and the leading Ethnic Indian food brand made in India. It is probably the widest distributed ethnic Indian brand in the world! Its range includes ready-to-eat curries (Heat & Eat), Frozen Foods (Indian Breads & Snacks), pickles, condiment pastes, mango pulp/slices, chutneys, pappadums, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) ready-to-cook vegetables, and Microwaveable rice.

Ashoka also has a wide range of Catering and Foodservice products which have become favorites with Restaurants and caterers with a strong market presence in the catering trade across Australia, NZ, US and the UK.

"Food from Home"

  List Of Categories
  Ready to eat Curries in Retort Packs
  North Indian Pickles
  South Indian Pickles
  Pickles made in Olive oil
  Ashoka Instant Mixes
  Ashoka Ready to Eat In Cans
  Ashoka Mango Pulp
  Condiment Pastes
  Ashoka Vegetables in Brine
  Frozen Whole Wheat Parathas & Naans
  Frozen IQF Vegetables
  Bombay Chowpati Snacks
  Frozen Paste Cubes & Paneer
  Frozen Rolls
  Frozen Entrees


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- For Ashoka Frozen IQF Vegetables
- For Ashoka Frozen Tandoori Naan & Roti
- For Ashoka Frozen Microwaveable Phulka Roti
- For Ashoka Kathi Roll
- For ADF Foods acquires Us-based Elena's Food Specialities


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